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Protection Order
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1.3 million women and 835,000 men are physically assaulted by an intimate partner annually in the United States.

Protection Order

What is a protection order?

A protection order is a civil court order that you, the petitioner, can request from the court to protect you from your abuser, the respondent.

A protection order can:
  • order the abuser/respondent to stop hurting you, harassing you, or stalking you or your minor children
  • order the abuser/respondent to stop having contact with you (either directly or indirectly, in person, by phone, email, texting, mail, or through a third party)
  • order the abuser/respondent to stay away from you, your home, your work, your school, or your children’s school or daycare.
  • Grant you temporary custody of your children and can set up a visitation schedule with the respondent (if safe).
  • Grant use of essential personal effects (i.e. tools of the trade, toiletries, medications, legal documents, etc.)
  • Grant you custody and protection of pets

A protection order cannot:

  • Order the respondent to pay child support or spousal maintenance
  • Determine who "owns" or gets to keep property or personal belongings
  • Make final child custody determinations (i.e. which parent the child should live with until the age of 18)

Although a protection order is a civil order, if it is violated, the abuser can be arrested and or charged with a crime. Please contact an advocate from the Protection Order Advocacy Program for more information about Domestic Violence Protection Orders.

Request a Trainer:
If you would like an advocate from the Protection Order Advocacy Program to come out to your community or organization to provide training on Protection Orders – please e-mail your training request to the following address. Be sure to include the date, time, content you would like covered and a contact person.